Abe Shaw

Abe Shaw has spent 10+ years launching and directing ecommerce departments for beauty and skincare brands in New York City, more recently joining Tomer Grassiany at EIP Concepts, Inc. and Presto-Changeo.com. Along with a lean, mean team of hand-picked designers and developers, Abe and Tomer produce world-class PrestaShop modules and fully custom ecommerce solutions built on the PrestaShop platform.

Abe's digital strategy and marketing experience gained at the helm of the digital departments of NARS Cosmetics, ZIRH and AHAVA North America provide for a unique client-side perspective and 360-degree approach to ecommerce.

An amateur photographer, pool player, dog lover, foodie and inquisitive New Yorker, Abe holds a BA in Business Management from North Carolina State University and an ever-evolving passion for all things digital. And owns and operates Eatingtools.com.

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